Creating a basic Abstract Object Class to extend off of in PHP

Hey kids! Here is an easy Abstract Object Class for php. Haters welcome to dispute and use foreign terminology to support your right to superiority.

abstract class Abstract_Object {

    public function __construct(array $array = array()) {

    public function config(array $array = array()) {
        $this->config = $array;
        foreach ($array as $k => $v) {
            $methodName = 'set' . ucfirst($k);
            if (method_exists($this, $methodName)) {


But Hey Let’s go Nutty lol

abstract class Abstract_SmartObject extends Abstract_Object {

    protected $order = array();

    public function getOrder() {
        return $this->order;

    public function setOrder(array $order = array()) {
        $this->order = $order;

    public function config(array $array = array()) {
        $config = $this->sortOrder($array);
        $this->config = $config;

    protected function sortOrder(array $array = array()) {
        if (!empty($this->order)) {
            $config = array_merge(array_fill_keys($this->order, null), $array);
            $array = $config;
        return $array;

Initial Photos of Fukushima Fifty at Fukushima

The devastating earthquake-tsunami in Japan has sent the complete nation into an emergency and hazardous situation. Reportedly, 9,400 people have been dead and 13,200 other men and women are missing. Most disastrously, the history-making tsunami brought along with the most significant nuclear accidents in Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants – the world’s most devastating nuclear disaster given that Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island. The nuclear meltdown and explosion have resulted in radiation soaring to the highest level in Japan. In such a situation, fifty workers, who also recognized as the “Fukushima 50″, are risking their lives exposed to hazardous levels of radiation in order to stabilize a power plant and avoid the worst nuclear disaster. Lately, the Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Security Agency has released a series of photos of these fifty Japanese heroes.


Japanese workers, as prided as Fukushima Heroes, attempt to fix the stricken plant.

Workers are collecting information in the manage room for Unit 1 and Unit two.

These guys are working on the electric energy lanes for Units 5 and Unit six. All efforts are becoming made to restore electricity at the plant.

Workers are trying to cool down the plant by water on March 23.

The entire plant in image

One more worker is watching at the gauges in the handle room at the plant. The gauges are for Unit 1 and Unit two. All workers should wear rubber suits to safeguard their bodies from radiation.

Some other workers are operating outdoors to connect the lines in order to supply electric energy for Unit three and Unit four.

The image shows the damaged safety gate of Unit 1 and Unit 2. In general, most areas of the plant are destroyed by the terrible earthquake-tsunami.

Black smoking is increasing from the Unit three of the plant, which orders an emergency and instant evacuation from the plant.



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3 years after the disaster at Fukushima, science correspondent Miles O’Brien returned to the Daiichi nuclear plant for an exclusive appear at the web site. Stick to Miles on a by no means-prior to-seen tour of Daiichi’s sister web site, Fukushima Daini, which narrowly avoided a meltdown during the Tohoku earthquake. As the country debates turning its reactors back on, Miles asks: will Japan have a nuclear future?

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Q&A: How I Became a Holistic Nutritionist, What Diet plan I Stick to + Much more

Just a small chit-chat video answering some inquiries on studying holistic nutrition, what diet plan I comply with, my hair and far more! If you have any other q’s for me let me know in the comments beneath, or on Instagram or Facebook :) Under you will uncover a list of numerous resources for holistic overall health.

Locate me right here:

* * Sources: * *


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(IONC – The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants:

The Canadian School of All-natural Nutrition

The Edison Institute of Nutrition

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